About Us

Welcome to The Gold Centre, where the thrill of gold prospecting meets a family-fueled passion for discovery! 

In 2002, John Gladdis, a former automotive engineer and die-hard detectorist, decided to turn his love for the hunt into something bigger. He started off in the early days of Minelab, back when it was just a handful of enthusiasts working out of a shed in Adelaide. John later took his talents to Coiltek, where he found himself designing and manufacturing coils. 
Fast forward a bit, and John's son, Andrew, a seasoned prospector, joined the adventure.

Making the move to Maryborough, Andrew and his family jumped into the world of gold exploration with enthusiasm. Two decades later, Andrew is at the helm of the business, surrounded by a team of experienced staff who share his unwavering passion for all things gold.

At The Gold Centre, we're not just about making a sale; we're about creating an experience tailored to you. We won't offer you a product unless we're convinced it's the perfect match for your prospecting dreams.
We’d love you to step into our world, where every nugget tells a story, and every pan swirls with potential. Our crew are seasoned prospectors with years of golden tales under their belts and are eager to share their knowledge with you. Over the past two decades, our customers have become more than just numbers—they're cherished members of our extended prospecting family.
So, come on in, join the thrill of the hunt, and let's make some golden memories together!
The Gold Centre Team